Why do people lie about their plastic surgery?

So, maybe I should confess something up front – I don’t really keep many secrets about myself…..mostly because I’m an ATROCIOUS liar.  As Gregg likes to say, people can see my lies coming from over the hill.  So, this may be a “Me thing” more than a “them thing”, but I just don’t get why people keep their plastic surgery to themselves – seems like a great icebreaker to me….

When I opened my mailbox last week to see the blue-white veneered chicklets of Kate Gosselin on the cover of People, I think threw up a little bit.   Not for the forerunning reasons of her poor excuse for a reality tv show or ridiculous choice in whom provided ½ of the genetic makeup of her offspring, but for the fact that I knew I was going to read an article about how her new body, face, etc. were due to her running workouts.  Can someone with more knowledge than I of kinesiology explain how daily jogs re-perk ones boobs and de-sag them back to perfect?  As I perused the article- sure enough- she’s only claiming a tummy tuck.  I was so perturbed after my reading that I quickly emailed my source on celebrite’ – PR exec, fellow Pierce Middle School colleague, and far funnier blogger than I, Kate Casey.  I requested she drop everything (including her kid), to read the article and opine.  She abided, so I direct you to www.loveandknuckles.com  so I don’t need to regurgitate everything she wrote.  Her thoughts=my sentiments exactly.

I just don’t understand how or why this woman would lie to an audience of millions.  Can’t I sue her for slandering herself? Now, I get why your average middle Earthian may want to keep ones forays into plastic surgery from, say, the Mother-in-law.  (Actually, I don’t.  My Mother-in-Law was the 2nd person I told about mine, as I needed someone to care and feed my children during my Percocet laden recovery.  Now you may think that my blue-blazer-wearing-so-far-right-wing-she-makes-Glenn-Beck-look-like-a-liberal-extremist-Mother-in-Law would judge, but if she did, she kept it to herself.  And she keeps nothing to herself…so my point is, people may surprise you. You’ll be shocked who plays St. Peter.)

So I ask you, oh-so-opinionated followers, why do people lie about their own plastic surgery?  (This includes Botox, Restylane, and Juvederm.)…….and feel free to use this as your forum to “come out”!

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