Need-To-Know Basis

  •  Celebrity Crushes:   Rahm Emanuel, Jamie Dimon, Abby Wambach and Mika Bzrezinski
  •  Best Job Ever:  College Internship @ Philadelphia Zoo
  •  Formal Education:   1.  Florida State University (the year it was designated the #1 party school in the nation by Playboy Magazine) . 2.  West Chester University (oldest grad student ever enrolled)
  •  Political Affiliations: Demliblican
  •  Secrets & Scandal:  There will never be a formal run for public office….Atlanta, Georgia circa 2000
  •  Most Interesting Job Ever:  2016 political internship (clearly no vetting process)
  •  Fun Fact:  Was once nipped on the hand in the Rose Garden by a certain President’s, who shall not be named, dog
  •  Current TV Addictions:  Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Fear the Walking Dead, Ray Donovan
  •  Palate Preferences:  Government graded “SStd”peanut butter, Chop Suey, and Foie Gras
  •  Honeymoon Locale:  Nelson Mandela’s jail cell; watching a sheep’s head get roasted in a shantytown
  •  Relationship Status:  1 somewhat tolerant husband
  •  Nickname:  The Terminator
  •  Current Posse:  2 very loquacious blue-eyed leprechaun’s and a ninja who rocks a fabulous tan
  • Parenting Style:  MFR (Modified Free Range) by a RTM (Rehabbed Tiger Mother)

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