Never Doubt My Love For Public Education, Part 1.

Know anyone who needs to tone it down a notch?

Who needs to skedadle off of their laurels?

To eat some humble pie?

How about sending them my way next week to hit the borough businesses for some face to face cold calls.  What else can shred even the strongest of egos?

Today began as any other around here.   3 little people were all yelping for food like newly minted robins in March, mulitple chihuahua urine puddles adorned the laundry room and we received the usual brisk good morning call from Daddy via whatever warm and fabulous city he was in (in all fairness it was Windsor, CT today).

After I dropped Kid #1 off at elementary school, Kid #2 off at preschool and Kid #3 off back at home with the babysitter, I threw on all of my Arctic gear (full length faux shearling coat, lined gloves, all weather boots, thick wooly scarf), hopped into the salt encrusted mini-van and headed into the borough of WC.  Due to our school district’s budget being slashed, fundraising is essential to ensure that our children have access to a playground, field trips, assemblies, etc.  I live for this stuff.  Therefore, it was with exuberance that I called upon local businesses to donate to Kid #1’s elementary school Silent Auction.

No problem for me, right?  I have been in sales for my entire professional career of 14 years (zip it, Peanut Gallery) and I have run my share of Silent Auctions.  Rejection? I love rejection. I make a sport of rejection.  I laugh in the face of rejection! (Ok, you get it.) Never bothers me…riiighht.


Perhaps it was the fact that it was 17 degrees and I was exposed to the elements for 3 hours. Perhaps it was the numbness in my toes going to my brain.  Whatever it was, The-Awesomely-Cool-20-Year-Old-With-The-Tat-Sleeves-Down-Both-Arms-Boutique-Cashier (as someone who is tattooed, the coolness that is the ambience of the tattoo sort of fades once you’ve hit middle age, teach Sunday School and Time Magazine is your nighttime read…) in the sheer sleeveless shirt, who, like, could not make a decision to donate sequined booty shorts and gave me the ultimate rejection smackdown…that one hurt. That hurt bad. Real bad.

So, if you or anyone you know needs to be nudged off of their cloud, make a date with me next week…

One thought on “Never Doubt My Love For Public Education, Part 1.

  1. Leah says:

    Haha, as soon as I received your letter at work, my first thought was “Of course Gina’s on the committee, she joins every do-good committee” Good luck and I’ll be talking to the powers that be about a donation 🙂

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