America 2010 – Where have the men gone?

When did it happen?  When did it happen that the Y chromosome came complete with the softer-kinder-fast to apologize-laundry folding tendencies?  Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying we all need to emulate Mr. Favre and prove our manhood with a cellphone, but firing Juan Williams on the phone isn’t the right answer either.

Some might say “traditional” gender roles have changed in the era of the two person workforce; some point to Hollywood’s feminitization of male roles; still others blame Bill Clinton (my dad blames him for everything).  Think I’m exaggerating about all this, consider the following:

  1. I have a buddy (who makes six figures) whose wife prints off the family “Net Income Statement” and makes him account for every dollar…..weekly!
  2. We recently met a couple where they hyphenated their names – together……so he took hers and she took his……awwww
  3. Manscaping.
  4. Men cry now – not sure when that became cool, but all you have to do is watch some sports on TV and second only to “thanking the good Lord for all He did for me” is a good squirt down the cheeks – save me.
  5. “Coach” Mike Colley is our primary babysitter…..
  6. Shopping – when did THIS become a group sport?  Gina is forever asking me to go to the grocery store, or “just come look at this thing for the boys for one minute”……isn’t that what her girlfriends are for?!?

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