Bad Sister

I am a bad sister. A treacherous one.  Wretched in fact.  How do I list thy ways?


1.  Not only do I constantly ask my sister, Kara, to stop by to see her nephews and niece- then flee the house to get my nails done , go to the liquor store feed the homeless, (and never pay her), also…

2.  ….I have failed miserably in creating awareness and fundraising for Multiple Sclerosis, the illness she has valiantly battled for 13 years, and now am being shown up. Righteously.

It was bad enough this Spring when I got an email from Kara’s lifelong friend, Carrie, asking me to join the Muck Run team she (not me) compiled in her honor…but now MY OWN FRIENDS-MY PEOPLE, Girl Jamie and Boy Jamie, are biking an 80 mile race and fundraising this Fall… in my sister’s (and Mama B’s) honor.

*** Sitting Quietly ***

More facts to further warm your heart and make me appear completely lame- the idea was originally concocted by my friend, Sparky, whose own mother (aforementioned Mama B) has braved MS since the late ’90’s.  Then, unexpectedly, spontaneously and happily, Sparky got herself knocked up!  Of course, her hubby (Boy Jamie) is taking her place to race on with Girl Jamie.

So, if you are looking for a cause to support, consider donating to Jamie Rich’s ( bike ride to benefit Multiple Sclerosis, ( ).  And while the jammin’ Jamies’ are pedaling their hearts away in the Florida heat for 6 hours, (as I sit on a couch catching up on my Vampire porn, eating Velveeta queso con carne dip and texting them encouragement), at least we will all feel better knowing we’ve donated to a great cause.

Viva Boudreaux!

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