Confessions of The Slacker Mom, Part 1 of a Continuing Series.

When you become this good at slacking at Motherhood, and life in general, are you morally obliged to share your secrets? I THINK SO says one of the voices in my head!  Therefore, from time to time, I will SHARE with all 4 of you who read this blog some tried-and-tested tips.  It is written in internet eternia, therefore it is done.

A bunch of kids = A bunch of kid birthday parties

A bunch of kid birthday parties = A bunch of kid gifts

Birthday party gifts can become a prickly thorn in one’s rear.  Mostly, because they require thought, research, travel and planning, which all equal a lot of TIME.

1.  Firstly, there is an inquiry to the birthday boy’s parent, who will inevitably respond with “Little Johnny will be appreciative of any gift!”  (On another note, if you ever are on the receiving end of one of these calls/texts/emails, just answer honestly.  It saves a good 7 minutes of brainstorming.)

2.  Secondly, a trip is made to Walmart/Target, etc. where one has to peruse the aisles and guess if Little Johnny already has Toy Story Operation or would rather have a Lego Chima Eris Eagle Incerceptor Play Set.  Which causes further reflection as the Lego Chima is on super sale, so does one buy an additional gift or just pretend the Chima was full price?

3.  Thirdly, the gift must then be wrapped or put in a purchased gift bag with an array of colored tissue paper, handles tied off with string then curled with scissors.  A handmade card or gift tag must then be made by the attending child.

Hmph. That is A LOT of time for a gift that may just get tossed in Little Johnny’s Mom’s regift closet.

So, for years, my children give the same standard gift that I can buy it at the grocery store, that both kid and parent adore.




Sha-zam.  Movie tickets gift card!  Throw it in an envelope have your kid write “To Little Johnny, Love & Stuff, Your BFF Forever”.  If you want to get REAL FANCY, CLARK, put in in a colorful gift bag full of contraband candy that can fit in a standard Mom purse and be smuggled into the theatre.

You are very welcome.

One thought on “Confessions of The Slacker Mom, Part 1 of a Continuing Series.

  1. T.J. says:

    When I saw the “You’re Going to the Movies” graphic with the title of this edition of your blog, I thought for sure you were going to say you take your own kids to the movies rather than thinking of something more creative to do with them. Now THAT is slacker-motherhood! (And my confession to accompany yours.) 🙂

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