Dear Snow,

If there ever was a need for a middle finger emoji to be created (has there been? did I miss it??), ’tis tonight.  Our worst fears are realized as we glance out of our windows and watch you gain speed and accumulate on our freshly raked leaf piles.  Yes, leaf piles.  No.No.No.No.No.No.NOOOOOOOOOO.  We are despondent.  Half of the desiduous trees still dangle with gold, orange and red leaves.  You, YOU have  made your first unwelcomed appearance in the 2014/15 winter…on November 13th.  It’s awful early for you to leave a dusting, don’t you think? We beg of you, be brief, be bold, be gone!


Case in point:

*  We still have Jack O’Lanterns on the front porch, with just a titch of rot

*  The mums are still alive

*  Thanksgiving is still so far into the future that no one has stocked up on jellied cranberry from the can yet

*  No one has remembered to restock all of the batteries used last winter.. or replaced the candles, matches, or lanterns

*  Rock salt?  What rock salt?


Really, it wasn’t until summer that we all recovered from The Worst Winter …Ever.  If we weren’t in therapy before, you sent us there last winter.  Snow day after snow day, no escaping the double digit inches you poured upon our rooftops and driveways. You even had the nerve to kill the power lines a few times leaving us shivering and unable to turn on the Wii.  And there we were- stuck inside, with no escape from …OUR CHILDREN.  We.need.more.time.  More time to prepare for what beholds us this winter, the threat of faster, thicker, more SNOW.

Therefore, pure white driven Snow, please melt what you have expelled to earth into the ground and contain yourself in the atmosphere for just a little bit longer.

Love ‘N Stuff,

Mothers Living in the Tri State Area

2 thoughts on “Dear Snow,

  1. Jamie says:

    I loved reading this from florida – where I’ve broken out the leather jacket at 64 degrees- but this is somehow one of my favorite posts. So succinct and funny. love it.

  2. Alethia says:

    AMEN, Gina! I live in constant fear of winter…good thing I’m headed to our beloved FL today for the FSU/Miami game! #winterisforthebirds

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