Et Tu, Ernie?

Halloween…. now that the holiday has passed, and people are really focused on clearing out the Thanksgiving decorations at Homegoods by November 1st… I feel I can vent a bit without turning into it’s equivalent of Scrooge. (Quick, think of a name for the Halloween Haters. You know, the people who, due to satanic connotations, renamed Halloween “Hallelujahween”, or my personal favorite, “Godtoberfest”.)

The entire holiday is becoming A Sign of The Apocalypse. Not so much for tempting our children into diabetic shock with such concoctions as candy corn caramel ice cream…but that creative costumes aren’t for kids anymore. It’s all about women of all ages releasing their inner slut.

Disclaimer- there are photos of me floating around (once again, how thankful I am, Mark Zuckerberg, that you were not born in the 1970’s) dressed quite creatively as Pocahontas my sophomore year of college…

While I am no (certified) therapist, I understand the Mom of 3 who drives a mini van and runs the soccer carpool wanting to uncork that former wild and hot Zombie Pirate Slut she bottles up inside her for 364 days of the year*, but what I cannot understand is…drum roll please….Sexy Bert? Sexy Ernie? Sexy Big Bird? Someone please help me understand the hotness of turning childhood television show characters, male ones at that, into sexy costumes? Help me reason this. Anyone?

*I am not referring to thyself. At the only Halloween party we attended this year, a kid Halloween party, I chose to wear my 7 year old jack-o-lantern T purchased at Target which has endured 2 of my 3 pregnancies and still fits…

3 thoughts on “Et Tu, Ernie?

  1. E.W says:

    The matter of sexy Sesame Street is disturbing, a pocohantas or pirate is way more worthy of sexy. everyone’s sexy is different. i never fell into the “sexy” category, especially since my last store bought hallween costume(c. 2005) was definitely from the kids section in Kmart and i was not going for sexy. Although the torso came up a little short and I was sporting a wedge(still not sexy). Is the sexy Ernie & Bert female versions in some way cross-dressing or transvestites? I thought they were, in a way, partners.

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