Evie Baby

I haven’t been to a funeral in awhile, but I can say after attending my grandmother’s this past week, I wish for them all to be as such. I belly laughed, drank too much wine and reconnected with some of my Mom’s family I haven’t seen in awhile and cousins I hadn’t seen in a decade. (Turns out the Chihuahua obsession actually runs in the family – two of my cousins have Chihuahuas- although not nearly as obese as mine.)


“Did you take a picture of the body?” Where are the pictures of the dead people???”, I was fervently asked upon my return from New Oxford, Pennsylvania. This is why my boys did not attend their great-grandmother’s funeral this week. I just couldn’t risk The Middle Child trying to peak into the closed casket. And he would have tried…

Oh, that, and the chance there might be some inappropriate language overheard. And there was, in the eulogy given by my Father….in which his deceased Mother-In-Law would have approved! She had a penchant for creative cursing and racy innuendos … and Windsor with Coca-Cola. It was, however, after the second very innovative obscenity that my Mother actually arose from her seat to profusely apologize to the chuckling Chaplain.

I also had the fantastic opportunity to meet my Mom’s high school boyfriend. I knew right away who he was as she introduced us. Is there such thing as Spidey sense when it comes to your Mom’s love life 40+ years ago? Seeing that a few people at the funeral kept mistaking me for her, I then began to wonder if the ex was checking me out. We have the jet-black hair and bob, and our mannerisms are to the tee. Then, I reined my narcissistic self in when I remembered, I am a minivan driving 35 year old mom of 3. NOT the 17-year-old tart she was when they dated.

On Valentine’s Day, my grandmother, Evie, peacefully passed away. She was 90 years old, in the beginning stages of dementia and suffering from heart failure. She still remembered my children’s names when we visited this summer and she still spoke to my Mom on a weekly basis. Her death was painless and her children never saw her suffer. She lived a full life, and fulfilled the Irish proverb and got to see her children’s children…and then some…..rest easy Evie Baby.

2 thoughts on “Evie Baby

  1. Kate says:

    Very sweet. Your funeral will be just as fun. (If I am there).

  2. gholgate says:

    The last time I saw/heard Evie was when she yelled across your cousin’s swimming pool: “Gregg, bring me a damned beer!”. She could be mean as a snake, but she was ours…and she’ll be missed.

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