Family Landslide

Last Saturday evening, I redeemed my Christmas gift from My Husband and we headed down to the Wells Fargo Center to see my beloved  band, Fleetwood Mac.  My adoration of their music began well before I first saw them live in the early nineties with Kate Casey ( and a few of our teen-spirit classmates.  In retrospect, I am not sure why Fleetwood Mac was the chosen band for our first concert. Seems a bit odd for a group of Doublemint snapping girls, although I thoroughly enjoyed my first venture into concert going, and the cloud of mystery smoke that enshrined us from our neighboring seatmates.


My appreciation of “Classic Rock” began while I was in diapers.  I had the lyrical advantage of being born in the late seventies when Kindermusik/Makin’Music had yet to be invented.  My music lessons consisted of my parents cranking out their favorites on a old record player in our wee trailer.   I fondly recall listening to Crosby, Stills and Nash and Fleetwood Mac peppered with my Mother’s Motown favorites like Earth, Wind and Fire.  These bands remain on my playlists today.

As much as I love Stevie Nicks, I love her most while singing back with her band, specifically with the inspiration for most of her rip-out-my-heart-and-feed-it-to-the-pigs songs, Lindsey Buckingham.  Yes, they may be one of Rock ‘n’ Roll’s most tragic love stories, but, now in their sixties, they just smile pretty at each other and usually throw an anecdotal nugget to the crowd while holding hands.

Stevie gave a good one on Saturday night. Before belting out her hit Landslide to the audience, she dedicated the song to her late Father, who often thought the song was written about him, but truly it was inspired by Buckingham.  Before beginning her rapturous melody, she paused to dedicate the song to “family” and to remind the audience of it’s importance…and it’s fleeting nature.

How fitting…because exactly 24 hours prior, we imported MORE FAMILY to West Chester. I know, how is it possible?  Now, not only do I have 1 set of grandparents 20 minutes North of our house, I now have another set 20 minutes South.  And it was at MY urging.  Yes, that is the word and the truth.  I begged my in-laws to move to the Keystone State from the coast of Delaware.

I figured, what could go wrong? In the 3 short years since our migration back North to my homeland, my childrens’ lives have been enriched by my own people.

*  Great Aunt Martha, Ski Instructor Extraordinaire taught The Oldest to ski a moguled mountain this winter.  And no one broke any bones.

*  On any given Sunday, Great Uncle Bucky Spider allows The Middle to play with dangerously sharp scrap wood in his barn.  When not playing with nails and saws in the barn, there is a  “magic rope swing” on the steep hillside overlooking Valley Creek.  Every 5 year old boy’s dream.

*  Cousin-turned-Godmother Amy hooks The Nosy Meap up with whatever current holiday plastic wear is featured at Target.

*  All of my children are on a first name basis with the local butcher and bank teller thanks to my Mom’s maniacal errand running.

*  Let’s not forget how the evils of red dye will forever be scorched in my children’s’ brains thanks to Aunt Kara and her testimonials of their devastating powers.

*  Oh, wait, thanks to My Dad/Coach/Bumpa/Pa-Pa the boys know an actual curse word.  “Jammit!”, says The Middle Child.

I guess I felt why not add two more family members to this circus?  Mother’s of sons everywhere REJOICE!  I was the one who made the original suggestion to have my in-laws move closer to us.  And not for selfish reasons like free babysitting.  I actually believe my children will benefit from their involvement in their lives.  My Father-in-Law can impart his tremendous knowledge of obscure European war tactics in the 1400’s to The Middle Child.  It will be spectacular.  I envision bayonets and arrows being handmade (which will be helpful in my Zombie Apocalypse defense weapon hoarding).  And my Mother-in-Law is a sitcom character in the making.   Remind me to post about her suggestion to my husband that I be put on an “incentive program” to keep my house tidy.

Today I say, don’t fear the family landslide! (But I’ll report back on a monthly basis…)

2 thoughts on “Family Landslide

  1. Trixie says:

    You are a martyr!! Are you sure you didn’t do this for loads of material for your blog?

  2. gholgate says:

    I think the real parable here was the couple next to us, high as kites, falling down drunk – THAT is the metaphor for family…..a lot of fun, sort of a mess, can be annoying, but you just gotta love ’em!

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