Gina’s Law

Let me preface this rant with a confession: Not long ago, I too, suffered such plagues as those to be mentioned shortly. Twas I that brought the ceramic Jack-O-Lantern soap dispenser and light up skull walkway sensor lights out of the attic last September …

Last Friday afternoon, instead of actually doing something productive, I was perusing Facebook and I stumbled upon a post from a sorority sister of mine, Reynie. Yep, Florida State Tri Delt Reynie. Most of the people who went to FSU in the mid to late 90’s will remember her. She was quite a ball of energy. She was one of the first people I remember meeting on Bid Day in Tallahassee some 17 years ago…miniature blue triangles painted on her cheeks, a deep Southern drawl, bursting about with excitement doing cartwheels on the front lawn of 524 E. Park Avenue. Anyway, you get the picture. To quote her post precisely, ” I just read my little one “Elf On A Shelf” for the first time this season… we get things started early around here! (May I add this was much to my husband’s disapproval!)”

I have some thoughts on this…

1. This was posted on OCTOBER 26th…yes, October 26th…no Elf on the Shelf in October…no Elf on the Shelf in November…Elf on     the Shelf is for December

2. I’d really like to meet Reynie’s husband. I like him already because;

i. He disapproves of an October appearance of Elf on the Shelf

ii. He married Reynie

3. Christmas store displays should be banned until at least mid November

I am going to take this opportunity to not just single Reynie out…how about Kelly from Tallahassee who takes the Christmas card photo of her children in October and, for the 9 years I have known her, has always ensured her card is delivered no later than December 1st? Or, Tessa from North Carolina, who 2 weeks ago busted out her “Countdown to Christmas” timer and, so reported by my husband, was ADDRESSING HER CHRISTMAS CARDS LAST WEEK???

Oy vey.

Now I know every plastic sparkly candy cane manufacturing company has their actuaries and marketing people locked in a tiny room, furiously plucking their eyelashes out whilst comparing spreadsheets. I am sure it is proven that “If you display it, they will buy it, they will buy all of it, even if it’s July”. But Christmas in October is getting down right out of control.

And then, then I witnessed the unthinkable last Friday evening. My middle child and I were out shopping for Hurricane supplies, and the store we went to had just one shelf of Halloween items left (already at a 40% discount) and their entire fake-Christmas-Tree-LED-light-extravaganza-blow-up-Frosty-plastic-light-up-baby-Jesus (more on this at a later time) on display. ¼ of the store was dedicated to a season technically 6 weeks away from beginning. And of all places- it was Home Depot. Home Depot! I would expect such behavior out of Target, but not Home Depot.

So, Here-ye-Here-ye. Today is the day that Gina’s Law is set into effect. No Halloween in August, No Christmas in October, No Valentine’s Day on December 26th.

9 thoughts on “Gina’s Law

  1. Hyphenista says:

    @Reynie- Maybe I could do a book tour and make a pit stop in your hometown to catch some upclose and live Walking Dead filming…

  2. Hyphenista says:

    @Reynie- Maybe I could write a book about DDD@FSU in the mid to late nineties…yikes…

  3. Shara says:

    Gina for president!

  4. Tessa says:

    Even though I don’t have the talent of a sarcastic, funny writing style, my husband, Ned, says I should just “own it”. So I will. Yes, I celebrate Christmas pretty much all year round. I love it! I love the joy and excitement of Christmas! Growing up, it was the best time of the year for my family and just seeing a Christmas decoration in the store or elsewhere brings me a warm feeling of joy. I, too, was born in December, so maybe it’s a part of my wiring.

    During the months of November & December are a crazy time filled with parties, baking, school functions, and the purchasing of teacher & coach gifts, so I try to get my cards and presents purchased before Thanksgiving so I can actually sit back and enjoy the season of Christmas!!! It makes me sad when I hear people complaining about all the millions of things they need to do during December. Some people thrive on that kind of stress, but I simply don’t. So while it is a personal decision for me to celebrate as much Christmas as is humanly possible, I understand some people don’t want to see the decorations in the store so early, or hear the songs before Thanksgiving – I get it, truly I do. But, for me, I’m going to be who I am, and if you come to my house, you will see the countdown clock on my counter on October 1st (because that’s the earliest date I can use on that thing). Time to go change my Facebook photo to something Christmas-y!

    Merry Christmas!!!!!


    • Hyphenista says:

      @Tessa- You make an excellent point about getting cards and gift purchasing done in November so you can actually enjoy the Christmas season instead of running through Target like a crazy person trying to buy gifts on December 21st…

      I am curious- are you an “All white lights, wreaths and redribbons” or “Multicolored lights and Blow Up Santa” decorator?

  5. Nicki says:

    Ok, here’s my thing. Maybe it’s because my birthday is in December. But I love December, I love Christmas. I love the entire season. And I honestly don’t care when it starts! When I see Christmas stuff out, I get a bit giddy. And excited. Plus, I am a total planner so I admire all that stuff about cards coming out early and gifts purchased prior to summer ending (although, to despite my better intentions, I never quite do all of that stuff). But I know I am in the minority. Many people get angry about the Christmas stuff coming out too early, just like you do. Believe me, I understand. We all have our breaking points. I am outraged when I send a person a text or an email and they don’t respond (just respond and say, “I don’t know the answer.” Or, “I’ll respond later.” Or “I never want to talk to you again.” I honestly don’t care, I just want a response, and then I’m happy). We all have our things, and I love a good rant about whatever it is. So for that I say, go ahead! Rant away!

  6. Reynie says:

    LOVE IT! Good stuff, Gina! Such a great attention to life’s details. You need to write a book.

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