Today is Veterans Day, but I am not telling you anything you don’t already know. Some of you are aware because you love a person who served/serves in the military.  Some are reminded because the post office and bank branches are closed.  Some just remembered when they read it on their social media feed early this morning.  No matter, we all know, and we are all grateful.

Veterans Day comes on an autumn day that falls smack dab after Halloween and a few weeks before Thanksgiving, right around the time that the stores start stocking for Christmas.  For some, it may get overshadowed by these flashier holidays, two of which always inspire gratitude, yes?  I always gave a few moments of thought to Veterans day, but I am not sure I actually appreciated it to the magnitude I do now.

Every Veterans Day, The Husband takes at least the morning off.  He spends that time doing nothing.  He rolls through the simple motions of a humdrum day. And he relishes every second of it.  He doesn’t say much during these hours (a rarity), I believe he is appreciating the fact that he can prune the dead vinca plants, eat a cheesesteak (shame on me, I couldn’t find the time to venture into Tony Luke’s to pick one up for him), and hold our daughter’s hand he walks her into her preschool class.

The Husband served as a combat veteran in the Persian Gulf War, enlisting in 1988 and serving through 1992.  Although he doesn’t share much about his days in the Middle East (except that in the absence of showers for such a long period of time, he has been compensating for the last 26 years by taking at least 3 a day), I believe that those 4 years were the most powerful influence on the rest his life.  In a good way.

Thank you, Husband, for your service. Thank you to all of our friends and family who made sacrificies in the name of honor and duty.  Thank you to all of those present and past who have fought for our country.  Much gratitude.




3 thoughts on “Gratitude

  1. Name says:

    Happy Veterans Day Gregg! Thank you for all you’ve done for this country and everyone in it! Oh yeh and YOURE HOT IN THIS PICTURE! You should re-enlist

  2. Name says:

    With love and respect…thank you Gregg. Your seeester.

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