Hark! A New Tradition is Born!

At the kind suggestion of my “inner goddess”, I promised I would not allow all the “mandatory holiday family fun” activities ruin Christmas this year.  Ruin Christmas, you say? How possibly can that be?  Activities surrounding Christmas are joyous!  Elf on the Shelf!  Stringing 5,783 sets of lights!  Driving around to see everyone else’s lights (every night)!  Watching a Christmas themed show (every night)!  Cutting down the Christmas tree at the local farm!  Attending the West Chester Olde Fashioned Christmas Parade! Decorating the Tree! Making 9 dozen gingerbread men!  Making a gingerbread house! Decorating the entire house (including bathrooms)!   Taking a ride with Santa on the West Chester Railroad!  Taking a stroll at the Longwood Gardens light display!  Watching trains at The Brandywine River Museum!  Breakfast with Santa! The Live Nativity at preschool church!  Christmas Sleigh Ride at Arasapha Farms!  Linvilla!  Adventure Aquarium Christmas Celebration!  Etc. Etc. Etc.

Yes, these are joyous activities, BUT, my holiday ADD /OCD has passed onto the children and we all become mad creatures for the month leading up to Christmas day.  This is not fun for Gregg.  Not at all.  Versus trying to pack every possible activity in this year, we were going to enjoy a few of them so we didn’t experience Yuletide burnout.  (And not to mention, forget all about the true meaning of Christmas…)

So, yesterday, when The Oldest awoke – (Please note he graciously waited until 7 am to pounce on my bed- he had a grand idea.  Cue in wild hand gesticulating. While he is physically the child of his Irish ancestors, it always throws people that he has inherited my more prominent personality traits. Talking in a constant stream of consciousness and gesticulating every exciting statement he makes, to name a few…) he exclaimed;

“Mom!  Let’s make Christmas cookies today and deliver them to my buddy…and the rest of my classmates!”  Tune in E, The Middle Child, “Yes! Me too! My friends, too!”*

I actually looked at them and said, “Yes, boys.  YES WE CAN! We can make cookies and deliver them!”


I am happy to report that I was calm, cool and collected.  (This is rarely the case.)  Due to the fact that I hadn’t made myself insane this year with the mandatory activities, I actually had Christmas under control. All the shopping was done and the presents were wrapped.  I could handle this request.

I picked 4 easy recipes and baked away.  Chocolate chips were flying!  A thin powdered sugar fog enveloped the kitchen!  Peanut butter was sliding down my chandolinis!   By 6pm, the cookies were baked and packed and we loaded up the minivan and were on our merry way.

I am not sure who had more fun last night- the boys or I.  Everyone seemed so genuinely excited to have the 2 hyperactive boys impromptu delivery of homemade Christmas cookies.   Some even got to experience the joys of E’s rendition of Jingle Bells- think part Axl Rose, part Eartha Kitt.  I am already looking forward to next year- expanding the list and hiring myself a driver so I can enjoy some holiday cheer!   (Note:  Not that this should come as a shocker, but many of our cookie receiver’s offered beer, (…next year, when we head into the borough, I shall expect Justin & Lisa to have snooty beer in a frosty mug for me…) wine, and even bourbon.)

*  Please note- while I would have loved to deliver cookies to all of their classmates, (not really, that would have been 37 houses, collectively) time constraints made that impossible. The Oldest picked a handful of friends, and E chose his BFF and 2 little ladies- one of which he had forgotten her name.  When we rung her doorbell, he immediately started barking like a dog and chasing her family pet around…impressive moves.


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