Help! Getting Less LOVE and More KNUCKLES Over Here…

Dear Kate,

Listen up, we need to talk.  Although I adore your blog,, it’s starting to put me in some sticky social situations.  So, Kate, I figured if I put this in public forum, it would help some of my other friends understand celebrities and “the industry”.

Firstly, we must tell them about “us’.  If our readers don’t know of our long distance and widely technologic girlfriendship, they will now.  Middle School friends, we hadn’t seen each other since the late ’80’s when we were reunited by…Facebook, naturally. Now, although we are oceans apart (er, rather states), nary a day goes by where we aren’t blowing up one of our electronic devices with human observations, media commentary and general life grievances.


I need you to explain to some of my circles about celebrities and that the majority of them aren’t actually real people.  Never mind the huge text fight I got into with 3 of my college roomates about the allegations that all may not be on the up-and-up in a certain famous singer and his mostly B list actress wife’s household.  What is more pressing?  Last night at an Oscar party I was attending, I started spouting out some juicy celebrity trivia and got the stinkeye and a lot of raised eyebrows.

The wine (and champagne…ouch…) was flowing, the Oscar’s were on, ladies were jabbering away.  When I commented on a few of the men and suggested that they may not entirely like women…GASPS were sharp and echoing.  Denial!  Anger!  How could it be???? I just meekly reference you, but they weren’t convinced.  Even my friend Kathleen (you are really starting to get a West Chester following) had my back, but our words fell on deaf ears.

Help me, Kate. I am about to lose friends…



P.S. Everyone wants to know who is genuinely nice and whose marriage is for real.

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