Holly Petraeus “Beyond Furious”


So my Yahoo! News reports.

1.8 million years ago, during the Pleistoncene era, if General Petraeus was the tribal leader of his Homo Erectus group, nature- in the name of siring more little Petraus Homo Erectici- may have guided him towards Paula Broadwell.

Sadly for General Petraeus, it is not 1.8 million years ago.  It isn’t even 211 years ago when the public may have been aware that Thomas Jefferson was fathering babies via his slave housekeeper, Sally Hemings, who happened to be the half-sister of his wife.

It is 2012, and, yes, Holly Petraeus should be cranky.

Because her husband of 38 years blindsided and betrayed her, ruined his career and his actions are splashed all over the media with no hopes to be upstaged by another scandal anytime soon.

But, she should be mostly infuriated because, quite frankly, how could her husband be so stupid?  How did the Director of the CIA think he wasn’t going to get caught? This begs to question, isn’t the head of the CIA of The United States of America supposed to be GOOD at spy games???  If the Director of the CIA can’t run a covert op, who can?  Please people, it can’t be news that the forensic computer auditors are going to catch you.

Which begs me to question, once again, who has time and how does one conduct a salacious affair such as this?  Clearly, I would never be able to have a boyfriend.  My husband has figured out how to hack into my Facebook and my Oldest snatches my phone whenever he can to send random “reply” texts, mostly to his Dad.  He dimed me out the other day when I scratched Gregg’s side mirror, therefore I am pretty certain he’d forward any kissy kissy texts he found…



4 thoughts on “Holly Petraeus “Beyond Furious”

  1. Cammie says:

    I must not be in the know. Never heard of this Kelly woman… but i am not a Tampa mover and shaker.

    • Hyphenista says:

      @Cammie- Yes, I need to reach out to my Tampa people about this “socialite”. She only ran in “military charity” circles. Apparently, she wasn’t “Leeeeeeaaaaaagggggueeee” material.

  2. Sara B says:

    I am also agog over the 20,000+ e-mails sent between the other two. I think Mrs. P needs to bring new meaning to “D-Day” for ol’ General P. Raise hell, sister!

    • Hyphenista says:

      @Sara B- I haven’t sent 20,000 emails in my lifetime, let alone to 1 person in a short period of time. This story is only going to unravel more…

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