Yesterday and Tomorrow

Yesterday, I went to a particularly heartbreaking funeral.  Yes, most funerals, by definition, usually are.  This one, however, was soul crushing.  And, like most funerals, it was a startling reminder that very little matters in the world besides love, happiness, people.  Simple concepts that the Hobbitses mastered, but most of use mere mortal humans cannot.  It is so simple- be happy, love your family and friends.  Savor your freshly squeezed kale juice, don’t bitch when the Chik-fil-A line is 12 cars deep at 4:49 PM, and remember to tell your kid/spouse/dog/bearded dragon you think he/she/it is Ah-Mazing…EVERY SINGLE DAY.   Radiate gratitude for all the blessings you’ve been bestowed. The answer to life is so simple, yet we make the journey so hard.


We humans have been given a special gift.  At our core, we are animals (Insert inane Facebook quiz here…what animal are you?  If I could shape shift  I’d aspire to be a jaguar, but I am probably a Bassett Hound…)  put on this planet to perpetuate the species. If you are a student of evolutionary science, you will know that through the vast chasm of time, species die out. We must constantly adapt to change to survive, we must continue to evolve.  We will, WE WILL be the animal species that doesn’t surrender, right?  Dear, sweet humans.  Mankind. We were granted intelligence and free will by INSERT YOUR HIGHER BEING HERE and most of us are unable to figure out the simple magic of humanity.

Including me.  I may be the worst offender.

All of my problems are FWP’s (First World Problems).   On any given day, my brain fritters over the most mundane.  I worry, or worst, complain about things that JUST DON’T MATTER.  I wonder if the pregnancy broken veins on my legs will ever disappear (I haven’t been pregnant in over 4 years…it doesn’t look good), or if …wait for it…I will never reach my full potential.  I mostly worry about my children- my amazing, vibrant, funny children- who laugh too loud and too often- will ever be able to rake a baseball, learn to read music or go to a “tier 1 college”. Guess what, self ?  IT JUST DOESN’T  MATTER.  And, as I  sheepishly type, I must admit, I complain a lot.  I get annoyed about non-life threatening issues  – like cold french fries.  And people who stick 30 activity magnets and stick figure families on the back of their cars.


I spent today absorbing every happy aspect of my life, as I will tomorrow.  And the next day.

I think of the people in my life who have recently lost the most important person in theirs.  You are so brave…

Real Reason

by Brian Andreas 

There are things you do because they feel right & they make no sense

& they may make no money

& it may be the Real reason we are here: to love each other & to eat each other’s cooking and say it was good

2 thoughts on “Yesterday and Tomorrow

  1. Gabby says:

    WELL PUT.. I always say live each day to its fullest because tomorrow you step of a curb and get hit by a bus….. Enjoy they life you have been given and don’t sweat the small things…… They really don’t matter in the grand sceam of life….. Sometimes in our own little world they do, but not on the grand sceam.

  2. Aunt Mary Lee says:

    Gina – YOU are Ah-Mazing!

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