I Heart Facebook

I will always love you, Facebook.  I promise, forever and ever.  I rebuff you naysayers- you social media hipster elite who poo-poo it as a fading trend. Or, you-way-too-important professional people (ahem), or those of you just running from your ex-boyfriends (I suppose all of mine who stalk * my page are breathing a huge sign of relief…).  Seriously, if you can slog through all the mundane daily reportings of your 3rd cousin’s cat’s surgeries, you can really land on some gems.

For example, when I logged into Facebook last Saturday morning, and saw my Florida State amiga, Lindsay’s (yes, she’s in her mid- thirties) post, my heart swelled with a little joy.  This is fantastic.  Here I was in the sleepy sprawling suburbs of the North, 6:57 am, 2 year old putting butter in my hair, 7 year old on my iPad replaying the Phillies game play-by-play, and a 6 year old eating pancakes with no pants on.  The Dunkin Turbo was brewing and I was contemplating what park to go to on my oh-so-exciting-Saturday morning.  And there it was- chime in Handel’s Messiah- up pops Linz in all her roller blading glory in a string bikini.  An exceptional way to start the day.  I suppose if I looked like Lindsay, I’d often and frequently have my photo taken on all sorts of alternate commuting devices.  And yes, all the males in the house also appreciated “Miss Linz’s” post.  She is the lady who sends CD mixes in the mail every few weeks and forgets to download the clean versions onto my renditions.  It’s really a talent I’ve developed…I can navigate the dirty version of Thrift Shop with outever a curse word be heard.


I mean, yes, I know, we all know how excruciatingly annoying it is to read the love note posts to ones spouse/partner/significant other, especially when it’s a well known fact they try to poison each other.   And the perfectly manicured brilliant children in their starched plaids who are all going Ivy League on scholarship, and the people who check in EVERY BLEEPING PLACE THEY GO.

It’s exhausting weeding out the nonsense, but it’s really worth it for the Lindsay days.

* Inspired by Normal Level of Crazy’s (normallevelofcrazy.wordpress.com) Carrie Slane Zier for the word slashthrough.  Is this official cyber plagiarism?

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