I’m not wearing pants

I am not a big fan of vanity plates.  Especially silly ones, like I can only assume it be a realtor cruising around West Chester in his S class Mercedes with “I SELL WC”.  Somebody didn’t pay attention to the concept of humility in his Dale Carnegie’s “How to Win friends and Influence People” sales class….

Even today, as I was rocking the minivan down The 202 and found myself behind a shiny pretty Lexus with a plate that said “His Will”.  My sister wondered if the driver wanted the world to know it was God’s Will that he was so successful he could afford an expensive car. I told her that hopefully God was too busy focusing on world peace, starving children and Timmy Tebow to be giving out free Lexi.

For those of you who are my Facebook friends, you know I stumbled upon two plates in December that rendered me speechless.

Plate #1 was technically not a vanity plate, but a front bumper plate.  I had rounded the children up and we were headed to Target (AKA:  The Place Money Goes to Die) to pick up Daddy’s Christmas present- socks and Angry Birds boxer shorts.  As we were traipsing through the parking lot, I hear a gasp out of The Oldest.  “Mom- the person driving that car isn’t wearing any pants!!!”  Sure enough, the plate read, “I’m Not Wearing Any Pants”. Okay.  I can only wonder if this is a line from a comedy that I haven’t seen and I don’t get the joke?  Why would someone put this on their car?

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