Just Visiting

“I am not in charge, I am just visiting.”  This is how my husband answered E’s Angry Bird’s inquiry this morning.


That’s what it feels like over here in the ‘burbs of the frozen tundra.  Supposedly, I am in charge.  Yet, 95% of the time, it doesn’t feel that way. You see- I am not a former Army Sargeant who can silence our children with a look.  I am a slightly hysterical overreactor.  The perfect entertainment for mischevious little boys.  I also waiver in my disciplining and am easily distracted by bright lights.  Gregg is all business and can be quite scary when angered.  I actually thought that was the main reason our boys never misbehave for him.  But new information has come to light to make me think contrarily.


Last weekend, The Nosy Meap and I took a trip to visit my in-laws.  (I know, I know. nominate me now for daughter-in-law of the year).  I know she’s reading this, so I will mention “The General” made me my favorite macaroni salad and babysat so I could have dinner with friends.  And she ironed my baby’s clothes.  AND I got to go to Florida in the winter…I know, I know…..but on to my story –  You see,  as I was giving my departing kisses, all three males looked like they swallowed canaries.   I reminded them to not overload on electronics and eat their snow peas.  Right.


Upon my return on Sunday, two exuberant boys slathered me with kisses and were on their best behavior  as they enthusiastically greeted me… telling me how much they missed me – very suspicious.  The house was spotless upon my return- no surprise, really. I wasn’t home to make the messes.  The rest of the evening was flawless- no fighting, a second helping of salad was requested, and no one was begging to play Wii.  Suspicious, very suspicious.


I credit myself with being smart enough to wait until Gregg left for work on Monday to ask the boys what they did during the weekend.  The Oldest is a babbler and get’s so spasmatic when he’s center stage, the flood gates opened:   “We played 1500 hours of Wii.  We went to Hooters, Pizza Peddler and Market Street Grille. We went to the Franklin Institute, Camden Aquarium and West Chester University Basketball game. Dad let us watch Kick Buttowski.  And other shows on Cartoon Network we aren’t supposed to know about.  We did NOT eat vegetables or do our homework.


All in 72 hours…

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