Leprechaun Love

Typically, I’d ask all of us SlackerMom’s to join hands once again, unite and refuse to participate in the Leprechaun shenanigans surely our fellow PinterestMom’s will show us up with tomorrow morning.  But, ladies, I feel like we have a much bigger movement on our hands that would involve Tooth Faeries, Elves on the Shelves, and the like being neutralized.  We must take this one creature of the imagination that has epically been blown out of proportioned and marketed by Target at a time.

Take a deep ujjayi breathe.  Never fear, I am here to help you.

If you are a BoyMom like I am (yes, I know, the last kid technically has girl parts) , here’s a quick and dirty guide to have your kids thinking they have rockstar leprechauns and you feeling like you’ve actually got it together…for this holiday at least.  The mess is minimal and can be done in the common bathroom, or wherever your lil’ nuggets go for their morning constitutional.


Let me break it down…

1.  Green food dye- Dump a few drops into the toilet seat, swish around with a plastic disposable spoon, and voila!  The leprechauns peed in the toilet!  Leave a few dribbles on the seat for that added extra detail.

2.  Wintermint/Spearmint or Lime Tic Tacs (depending on what level of green concentration you prefer)-   This idea I have to credit to my neighbor.  She used to tell her daughters’ that the Tic Tac’s were liliputian leprechaun poops.  Brilliant!  (Disclaimer:  Your kids will eat the Tic Tac’s and inevitably, a conversation will ensue on the morality of eating leprechaun poop.  Is it ok because it has fermented into candy sold in the check out lane at the grocery store?)

4.  Green Sparkly Decorating Gel- Smear all over the toilet, the bowl of the sink and the mirror.  The leprechauns have “snotted” all over the place! Ewww!  (This is most believable if you have children in your home that have actually snotted on the mirrors before, AS IF ….!!!)

SlackerMom’s, go forth with your gross leprechaun rascality.  Erin go bragh!

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