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I (we) have roughly 2 weeks to figure out what I (we) am going to name our new kid, and as I (we) don’t know the sex, I (we) can’t even narrow it down.

In the past, we have implemented the “Gregg code” when deciding boys names.  Gregg likes 1 or 2 syllable names that include a hard consonant.  And most importantly, a name that can’t stereotype our son.  (Giles got thrown out immediately). Hence, Luke and Evan.

Not that I think I am having a girl- yes, it would be nice to balance out all the testosterone in this house, but there is that risk that a girl could look and act like Gregg and that is far more dangerous than a 3rd son= regardless, I do need a girl name just in case.  But as I scour websites, People magazine and preschool rosters for ideas, I often find myself mildly horrified.  Why do people bestow their little baby girls with stripper names?  I cringe sometimes when I hear how seemingly intelligent people disempower their daughters.

The now- somewhat-dormant feminist who looms inside shouts from the mountaintops, “shouldn’t we should be giving our daughters’ names that will empower them to take over the world, or at least be able to run the local bank?”   Does Shaeyna sound like a CEO to you?  Or, would you let Candyce be your financial advisor? And yes, according to my strip club sources, crazy spellings run rampant on the mainstage….

I have to admit, Gregg stepped in during both of my heavily drug laden post delivery mornings and saved Luke from being Loch and Evan from being Judah….any guilty pleasure names you’d care to nominate for G-Mini # 3?

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