As a blogger, isn’t it my fiduciary duty to peruse Other People’s Blogs? Especially those with similar anthems? Shouldn’t I be a fan of other snarky Mommy blogs? Shouldn’t I be analyzing them to figure out why they have sponsors and I can’t even get my audience (comprised entirely of friends and family) to comment?

Not so much. I only read 3 blogs on a consistent basis and it is because I know the blogger’s personally. I feel an inner cyber connection.


www.loveandknuckles.com   One word: hilarious. If you have an addiction to US Weekly and check TMZ multiple times a day, you will love my long-lost-friend Kate’s entertaining blog. (Even if you aren’t celebrity obsessed, it is fun to read her rants against fame whore Mommies who pop Adderall but claim they’ve exercised themselves to post-baby svelteness.) We are a Facebook reconnection love story. Friends in 6th grade, going separate ways from high school on, we found each other on FB a few years back. She is one of the handfuls of women from faraway lands I wish I could jet in once a week for girls night.

www.cwazytown.com  Dena is the author of this great opinion/Pinterest- crazed-party-craft/Mom blog. She is a member of our Jewish Floridian Family Confederation (it’s a long story) and quite possibly one of the brightest women I know. She holds multiple degrees in different branches of law and if you Google “really opinionated women”, her picture pops up first. She is also the daughter of the World Famous Bev-a-nator….which in and of itself yields plenty of material.

www.thewoodenspoondiaries.blogspot  I made a new friend, Kelly, when our sons were assigned to the same table the first day of 1st grade. She is hyper kinetic and always in high gear – I call her zippy or peppy interchangeably. Turns out, while on a playdate kid swap-out we learned that she and I not only share both a love of food and cooking, but of vampire and supernatural literature. She has been kind enough to feature my Sausage Tortellini Soup and Zucchini Jacked Soup on her blog- and everything I have made has been delicious. Check it out!

www.xpatter.wordpress.com  I don’t think she’s posted since last July, and she is now officially and Ex-Ex-Pat as she resides back in the U.S.A, but she is my best friend, so it’s only polite to give her press. (She’s also a real-live freelance journalist who has actually been published, but don’t be intimidated by her Georgetown pedigree – she’s an FSU Tri-Delt at her beautiful highlighted blonde core.)

Feel free to suggest any new blogs that would change my life…

3 thoughts on “OPB’S

  1. Reynie says:

    I didn’t know Jamie had a blog? I mean, what other FSU tri-delta would you be referring to, right? You have to read dooce.com. You don’t know her personally but I think you might find her entertaining.

    • ginacolley says:

      Yep- the one and only Jamie. As I mentioned, I don’t think she’s written in her blog since July…but she is about to launch a website portfolio of her writing and photography. I shall keep you posted!

  2. Kate says:

    Thank you, my lady.

    Other great ones are http://www.gawker.com and http://www.crushable.com if you like pop culture.

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