“Our Parents Were Nuts” (Is it Copyright Infringement if I Copy a Title and Make it My Own?)

One of my “bestests” (who invents these dreadful new slang terms???) published an amusing post on the Jacksonville Moms Blog, “Our Parents Were Nuts” http://www.jaxmomsblog.com/babies/parents-nuts/ , with the byline underneath stating,  Coke, Cigarettes and Booze. My Take on Parenting in the ’70s and ’80s vs. Today.  (Perfect timing, by the way.  After my post last week about our girl Sparky, I knew it would only be a matter of time before I heard the distinctive whine with a titch of southern twang, “Mean Geeeeeene, when are you going to write about meeeeeeee?”)

Jamie is an accomplished freelance journalist, published in the Washington Post and other tony and reputable reading sources.  Yet, I must declare, my favorite musings by her are similar to the one she authored above that she publishes on her blog, http://jamierich.me.   Cut me a break, did you really think I would be able to properly digest her articles on British taxation on foreigners blah-blippity-blah-blah?  Snoozefest.


So, do you want to instantly feel better about your nurturative style?  No matter how subpar your parenting is, it can’t be nearly as horrid as …  YOUR PARENT’S!   Remember cigarette smoking?  My kids have never even SEEN someone smoke a cigarette.  Yet, in my grandfather’s beige Buick, I remember sitting in the front seat BENCH as a little girl, pigtail braids whipping in the wind, sans a seatbelt, and having the special priveledge of lighting his unflitered Pall Malls (whilst he was driving, none-the- less) with the car’s built in cigarette lighter.  Awesome.

For further reminiscing moments…check out Jamie’s post.


2 thoughts on ““Our Parents Were Nuts” (Is it Copyright Infringement if I Copy a Title and Make it My Own?)

  1. Jamie says:

    Me whine???? It’s like the favorite child syndrome. Everyone wants to be your bestie or bestest??. I know. I get it – truly. I will remind you that you are the one whose personal slogan was, “It’s all about me.”

    I love your posts, and your writing inspires me. :O)

    Love fest! Kumbaya mi lord. Kumbaaayaaaa!

    • ginacolley says:

      The moment I pushed the “publish” button on Sparky’s post, I knew time was ticking away and I had a short window to write about you. Not that YOU would hold a grudge or anything… all you capricious Cancers in my life…

      “It’s all about me” was my personal slogan ?!??!

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