Product in Question #1, Organic Deodorant- An Extensive Review

Organic Deodorant?  You question, is that an oxymoron?  Quite possibly.  Wasn’t deodorant devised in a very sterile laboratory of materials not found in nature to mask one’s own *organic* smell?

Due to budgetary constrictions over here at Hyphenista Incorporated, a mere five-day experiment was conducted within the confines of one test subject.  To protect the privacy of said Cavia porcellus, we will name her the ubiquitous Ms. X.  Ms. X had been overloading on Aluminum Zinconium Tetrochlorohydrex for over 25 years and her armpits were in a sad state of affairs.  Itchy, bumpy, discolored…eek.  It was time to bring it back to the basics, as it is doubtful that Cro Magnon had chemi-pits.  She was always active, quite spastic and broke into a sweat multiple times a day.  Perfect testee material.

Ms. X chose Whole Foods to make her organic selection.  No doubt Whole Foods would have the best representation of expensive organic deodorant.  Nourish Organic “Forest” flavor was chosen.  1.  It was the cheapest of the organic selection at $6.99 for the cream version, and 2.  It smelled delightfully Christmas-y in the bottle (Yes, Ms. X being incognito and all that and took a sniff before she purchased).



Day 1 & Day 2-  Ms. X was organically euphoric in her constant state of Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree pit sniffage.

Day 3-  Hmmm…a slight aroma was detected during Humble Warrior…

Day 4-  She was up at 4 a.m. with her youngest who spiked a fever, followed by her middle child’s 4 hour swim meet and rounded out the day with her oldest child’s 2+ hour baseball game.  She forgot to smell her armpits.

Day 5- 90 degree creek hike day! Ms. X admitted she felt she smelt a bit gamey.  The balsam-cedar-fir aroma was quickly overpowered by the au naturale whiffs of pure armpit.

In conclusion, Nourish claims it is “organic and effective”.  Ms. X regretfully reports the delightful scent was no match for her organics.

Next up, Product in Question #2.


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