Product in Question #2, Super Cheap Pinot Grigio- An Extensive Review

I love wine. wine.  (Who doesn’t?)  My appreciation for good wine began at my alma mater, Florida State, where Wine Tasting 101 counted towards my business minor.  Best.College.Ever.  Unfortunately, wine was not in my food & entertainment budget during senior year, so only during class could I enjoy a flight of red varietals.  Rather, we Tri Delt’s banded together at Yianni’s to share a $20″fish bo”,  a concoction of vomit inspiring flavored liquors and diet Sprite mixed together in a large plastic goldfish bowl.  With 7 swirly straws.  Super classy.

I am not really establishing my vino bona fides, am I?

Onto post-college.  A nice perk to the first year of my job was client dinners, for a multitude of reasons.  1.  I could eat a meal on the company credit card, 2.  I could drink on the company credit card,  and 3.  Although I was no longer a destitute college student, my salary the first year of my job required strict budgeting.  Client dinner =FREE sustenance.  No Disco Kroger shopping that day.  I sampled some grape finery in those days.

The days of client dinners are a foggy memory barely conjurable in my Swiss cheese brain.  These days,  I am always on the hunt for a good value wine.   But really, can a $6.99 bottle taste good?  Yes, I can see you virtually cringing.


Yes, yes I am shouting from the rooftop. This $6.99 bottle of The Naked Grape Pinot Grigio is quite tasty.  Imagine if Total Wines carried it? $4? Probably $3.99 with the coupon.  It sings of aromas of pear and Meyer lemon. So light, so refreshing, so clean. YES! $6.99 wine be palatable.

Back to my vino credibility.  One of my fondest memories early in my career is a dinner with my former boss and a client. He is a true aficionado, a very serious wine person.  Last I heard,  his name is branded on acres of Napa vines.  He also happens to be one of the most extroardinarily generous people I know.  He ordered a $1500 dollar bottle of Cabernet, and offered neophyte me a very large pour.  Yes, the wine was spectacular, yet I recall while savoring every last drop, I probably would have rather had my $500 worth in cash to pay rent.

So while my expense budget afforded me the opportunity to sample various fine wines during client dinners throughout the years,  the house budget doesn’t allow for a $1500 bottle of wine on pizza Friday… I live for <$10 wine that doesn’t pickle cucumbers…..and The Naked Grape works!

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