Road Trip Prep, 101

There was an in-service day at school last week, so I decided the boys and I were going on an adventure.  This is the plus side of having a mom with ADD & OCD that she chooses not to medically treat.  It was not an option for us to stay home and out of The-Winter-Storm-That-Never-Showed-Up.

What do normal mom’s do in preparing for a day trip? I will use my friend, Natalie, as an example. She is quite possibly The.Most.Prepared.Mom.Ever.  She is a great mom, too. She actually plays constructively with her children while I usually just stare at mine while scratching my head trying to figure out how to entertain them.  (She is a teacher by trade, so I feel like that gives her an edge, right?  My Anthropology degree only yields my ability to create a Paleolithic atlatl.  And someone would lose a finger if we started playing with those…)  It has gotten to the point that if we are meeting up to take the kids on a hike/swim at the pool/park visit,etc., she ends up bringing extra supplies for my 3 kids.  You know, essential items like water and a change of socks, things I never remember.  And of course, snacks-a-plenty.  My kids are lucky if they get a piece of grime encrusted gum from the bottom of my purse.   She has multiple wardrobe options packed neatly in a bin in her car.  She has tissues, plastic bags for trash, sunscreen…you name it.  You know what I have in my car?  Petrified french fries and Yankee Candle Christmas Cookie car jar air freshners.

So, with neither Natalie to depend on, nor my type A Husband around to actually prep, plan and execute our adventure…I was left to my own devices.

But really, all would be fine, as there is only  ONE essential road trip item ever needed.  Drum-roll…

An appropriate pee catching container, of course.

Is there nothing worse than having one of your kids, of not the same gender as you,  scream from the backseat that they have to pee, when there are no family bathroom in sight?   My boys are 5 and 7, and no one is ready for them brave the men’s room at a rest stop in rural Pennsylvania alone.  Therefore, I always keep a urine holder in my car.  It really is mess and hassle free.  Especially if you have a mini van with tinted windows.

It has taken a few years of experimentation to come to the conclusion that the best containment device is the Ortega Taco Sauce bottle.


I used to keep plastic water bottles handy, but there really is something unsightly about  having a water bottle you previously drank from full of urine sitting in the cup holder where your coffee usually rests.  In fact, it is wise to steer clear of any round container that you may put, albeit conveniently, in a cup holder.  It would be disastrous if you mistook it for drinking water.  During much trial-and-error of various types of jars and bottles, I have concluded that the design and the glass bottle of the Taco Sauce are supreme.  It seals tightly and it’s slim design easily stays out of sight in backseat pocket holder.

Natalie, you are proud, yes?


7 thoughts on “Road Trip Prep, 101

  1. Cousin Carolyn says:

    Love it! Hilarious!! Think Ortega sales are really gonna rise.

  2. Sarah Bolster says:


  3. Ashley Cook says:

    This post is hilarious!!! Especially because it is so relevant to my life. However, the only change that you, like myself, having 2 boys and then a girl, might discover in the future is when the girl has to go. I encountered this for the first time at Thursday night soccer practice. While watching my eldest, boy 2 has to go which is a normal routine and he has figured out pretty nicely how to pee in whatever container can be found in my car. But, my girl decided she had to go and I really was puzzled on what to do. Usually, she refuses to go in a cup, but we were 1 hour 20 minutes into a and it was an emergency! BUT, it worked out in the end and I have some tips for you for the future when you might find yourself in this same position. Thanks for the tip on the Ortega bottle. I am going to put some in my car!

    • ginacolley says:

      So the cup worked out for little sister? My poor daughter (not yet potty trained) thinks everyone has to stand to pee…

  4. Heather says:

    Such ingenuity! But what if mom has to pee?

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