Save The Nativity!

This may sound odd coming from someone who has The Christmas Story “Leg Lamp” as one of the many inflatable’s proudly displayed on her yard for the holiday season, but is there anything creepier than the blow up googly eyed, smiley faced Nativity characters?

My middle child and I stumbled upon such oddity at Home Depot in mid-October, when of course all of the Christmas decorations were stocked and displayed in the front of the store.  (Parenting Challenge 4,568,598:  Explaining to a 5 year old that it is sacrilegious -no pun intended- to purchase Christmas decorations before Halloween actually occurs.)  As you can see, he too was shocked by grinning, poufy eyed, outreaching Baby Jesus with hay flying about.


It’s not like we are Nativity scene haters, we actually have a few lovely Lenox Renaissance collections.  My Mother-in-Law worked at the Lenox store in the mid-90’s, but after a few months of receiving “No Pay Due”, she was forced to retire.  As a result, it looks like we may inherit a few dozen Butterfly Meadow teacups, the British Colonial dinnerware collection and a set of Opal Innocence Bone China accented candlesticks.

I just find the wooden cut out yard display Nativity a little more tasteful than cartoonized Wise Men.  I don’t even mind green or red lights shining in on and highlighting Mary and Joseph cradling baby Jesus in his swaddling clothes.  (Multi Colored twinkling lights on the manger are also acceptable.) The plastic Nativity’s circa the 1970’s with lead-infused paint aren’t bad, either.  They warm my heart as I am reminded of my Great Aunts and their plastic covered couches.

So, while we embrace inflatable’s and all the tackiness the seasonal decorations bring (White lights=boring.  We yawn at you. Yes, I am talking about YOU, neighbors to the North and East!), let’s leave the Holy Family out of it.  We will stick to our indoor ceramic Creche.

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