Snice, Orcs and the Like

I am positive that those of you who do not live in the Northeast, or Georgia for that matter, don’t want to read anything more on the frozen tundra, bad weather, snow, IMPENDING SNOW DAY #8.  Apologies, but as I sit here hunched over my laptop, gazing out my back window at the days old snice, imminent dread overwhelms me.  Snice, you ask?  What is snice?  That would be snow, compacted by ice that hardens, imprisoning patio furniture, shrubbery, walkways, etc. for days due to frigid tempuratures.  Only the sun and a 60 degree day- which we may see in a month or so- will free up my garden bric-a-brac.  My yard is a melee of critter paw prints captivated in the snice.  The fox, deer, massive birds of prey, geese all foraging for snicky-snacks far encrusted below the evil snice.

It’s coming, people. The motherlode of all storms.  Local weathercelebrite John Bolaris stated 2 minutes ago that conservatives estimate at least a foot of snow.  People are not only cranky here, but panicked.  Just head into the local grocery store, WaWa or school.  I haven’t seen a smiling face in 2 days.  Panicked cranky Northeasterners.  Charming!  I can only describe this as what Gimli must have felt in Moria when he found his fellow slain dwarf bretheren.  And then, the drums began beating.  The Orcs, the Orcs are a coming….



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