Spicy Noodles & Hot Weenies

Normally, I wouldn’t self flagellate myself in public forum this harshly, as I do believe I risk losing a few friends and fans (not sure I have any, friends OR fans, I felt I should mention just in case) on this one.  But I must find the silver lining in my regressive mothering (working on that post as well).  Perhaps this cathartic excercise will hold me to task and I will once again….cook for my family.

Some Mothers don’t cook, it’s not their expertise, which I can understand, because I don’t clean or do laundry, AS LAUNDRY, WASHING AND CLEANING ARE NOT MY FORTE.  But, I have been told, I can actually create a few tasty dishes. I am not saying I could participate in a rigatoni showdown with Giada, but being a good little Italian girl and spending my childhood watching my Mom roll “homeades” (noodles, that is, to the layperson) I can at least promise you “wicked good” meatballs and creamy chicken proscuitto lasagna if you dine at my table.

I am not sure what happened, perchance it was when I had a 3rd kid or when kid #1 and kid#2 decided they wanted to participate in every activity known to man and we became a “titch” overscheduled, but my days of frying up seasoned panko encrusted chicken cutlets and making sausage tortellini soup have dwindled.

After dining on cheese pizza and greek salad two nights this week, and Chik-Fil-A the other, I put my fist down!  I decided that tonight my children were going to have an ACTUAL MEAL created, cooked and served by ME.

DRUMROLL….I now lovingly present dinner…

Spicy Noodles, yes, it’s true, that’s what we refer to Ramen chicken flavored noodles as in this house and Hot Weenies, which are of course, hot dogs.  (Credit for “Hot Weenies” goes to The Middle and his equally “spirited” friend, who shall remain nameless.)

And so it is written…


Please note:  Our Hot Weenie and Spicy Noodles did not look like the Pinterest Mommy’s octopus in a seaweed garden as shown above.  But, I have to say, after finding this on the internets…I know what Monday’s dinner will be!


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