Taquitos and Other “Wee Hour” Staples of Sorority Life

Seconds after pushing the blue “publish” button on my WordPress blog matrix last night, a flurry of texts, FB messages and emails ensued from Tri Delt’s nationwide.  My heart got all mushy and I was inspired to brainstorm “When Can I Move Back Into My Sorority House?”…to be published … at a later date.  Firstly, I have some disordered eating issues to discuss.

To the non-sorority layperson reading last evening’s blog, I am sure you rolled your eyes a half dozen times and were thankful that your college experience didn’t include interveniously inhaling Soy Lecithin and Polysorbate 60 (prime ingredients in the famed “Spray Butter”).  Therefore, I must debunk the fact that we were not just a bunch of 19 year old girls seeing who could consume the least amount of edible food in one day…

You see, it’s what happened in the “wee hours” that made up for all the calories not devoured during the day.   It was like a stroll through olafactory lane last night being reminded of all those memories.  I am going to rank them in order of favorites as I was one of the biggest offenders of this type of consumption.

10.  Waffle House cheesy eggs and scattered, smothered and covered hashbrowns-  Rhonda & Mel’s favorite 3 am treat.  They invited me a few times, but even I felt awkward eating next to a person wearing a Chewbacca mask.  And they would try to get the extra $0.50 processed cheese cost taken off the bill.

9.  Anything from The ‘Horn…actually not really-  But, as JS worked there, she brought home leftovers I would steal from the the Alpha annex fridge.  Oops.

8.  Taco Bell-  This was a Princess Nattles darling.  And, it was really fun to walk through the drive thru.

7.  Gordos Black beans and rice in a container that could last for days.  In an ironic twist, this was one of my sons’ favorite places to eat as toddlers. It was a little difficult to disassociate at first.

6.  Pokey Stix– Another Princess preference.  Upon leaving Yianni’s and the “fish-bo’s”, we would saunter into Gumby’s and grab our Pokey Stix and consume them during our loooong trek back to 524 Park Avenue.  I can’t imagine how this appeared to the casual observer.

5.  Papa John’s Garlic Sauce– I would order the pizza, but end up drinking the sauce out of the mini containers.

4.  Po Boys Fried Pickles-  This is another weird transcendance food.  I would hide in my closet and eat these in college with gusto…then again as a pregnant person…then again as a pregnant mommy.  Awkward.

3.  Guthries “Gut Box”-  Fried chicken strips with sauce that was rumored to dissolve pennies.  Orientation Leaders spoke of the infamous, and never to be found again “Gut Box”.

2.  Bagel Bagel Wine & Cheese– A “Delta Boyfriend” worked there. I remember he was occassionally so kind to also bring me a wine & cheese sandwich.  I still dream about this delicacy and eat it whenever I am in Tallytown.

And…wait for it… the winner….


1.  WHATABURGER TAQUITOS  Introduced by DK, and often consumed by her entertaining menagerie, we often debated, in rhetoric, which was the best. Hashbrowns forever….

2 thoughts on “Taquitos and Other “Wee Hour” Staples of Sorority Life

  1. Jamie says:

    I totally noshed on pokey sticks while walking the quarter mile home from Tennessee street to Park Ave. I was also known to walk into Gumby’s Pizza and ask for “road kill” — a pizza that was either made wrong or someone had ordered it and not picked up — in other words a pizza reject that I would also sit in the bushes and eat with whomever happened to be with me. But hey road kill was free! These carb-loaded walks certainly made their mark my body freshman year – as I did fall victim to the freshman 15 – not enough spray butter during the day I guess. BUT! Thankfully, the summer after freshman year I moved home to Coral Springs and dropped all the weight by eating pizza without cheese and bread–only those two things. I also cut my going out nights down from five to three and ran my ass off. Oh those were the days…I’ll have to write about the next time I gained 15 pounds by totally trashing my body – four years later after college when we moved to ATL. Now that was impressive! I know there’s photographic evidence somewhere…

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