Temporary Suspension of Posts

Hear ye, Hear ye!

No, it’s nothing THAT exciting.

Rather, as I find myself cowering in the corner of my office, buried underneath bid sheets, raffle item labels and extra large cellophane wrapped baskets brimming with cool stuff I want to steal (just kidding, seriously, don’t start that rumor),  this serves as official notice that I must temporarily suspend my postings.  For at least 4 days.


My childrens’ elementary school silent auction looms overhead like another impending snow storm, and ding dong over here is the co-chair.

See you Monday.



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2 thoughts on “Temporary Suspension of Posts

  1. SB says:

    Can totally relate. Pretty sure I’m scarred for life from chairing an auction two weeks ago. Suspend posts, showering, eating, any social life, parenting, marriage, sleeping, etc. Anything but cellophane and bid sheets. And complaining.

    • ginacolley says:

      1. As I was recently perusing FB, I was noticing it was charity event time in Tallytown. I do believe if I still lived down there my husband would have filed papers by now.

      2. Today, my co-chair and I realized that our little girls’ literally watched TV the entire day as we created bid sheets and picked up gift certificates for teeth whitening kits.

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