The 30 Day Writing Challenge

There once was a girl who lived in a sea…a sea of mediocrity.  (Can I copywrite this quote?  Consider it official.)

It’s that time of year again when I fall into an abyss of despair. No, it’s not the fact that tomorrow will most likely be our 6 th snow day of 2014.  Alas, my 1099 arrived in the mail last week.  It’s a humbling piece of paper.  There was a time in my life where I was able to funnel cash into my kids’ 529 plans.  These days, I can’t even pay the propane bill.

What is even more depressing?  I can’t even get it together with my hobby.  I only showed 2 posts for the month of January.  Can I even claim that I have a viable blog??  I vowed to myself that I would always be able to carry on a conversation at a social gathering without mentioning my kids. That I would retain just a few sparkles of interest. I am teetering dangerously close to the edge…dangerously close, people.

Therefore, I hereby declare a self State of Emergency.  As a smidgen away from epic failure in all aspects of my life (I was told I was the meanest mommy ever by all 3 kids today), I am going to at least attempt to retain a modicum of success in the hobby department.

With no further ado, I give you The 30 Day Writing Challenge…..I WILL POST A BLOG DAILY FOR the next month!  To pin myself in, here’s the topics in advance…


1.  A Comprehensive Review of Spray Lotion:  The Ultimate Lazy American Accessory OR Valuable Time Saving Tool?

2.  My Husband Says I Can Have Another Baby…Just Not With Him

3.  Will This Marriage Survive?  I Bought my Husband An Electric Toothbrush For Christmas

4.  How Has This Marriage Survived?

5.  Annoying Smart People, Episode 1

6.  Annoying Smart People, Episode 2

7.  Annoying Smart People, Episode 3

8.  David Beckham and Adam Levine Are NOT Hot

9.  Life Is Like A Firefly In The Night, And More Inspiring Native American Philosophies to Live By

10.  When Can I Move Back Into My Sorority House?

11.  The *(#$#& Car Line

12.  Everyone Should Have a Wig…a Really Fabulous One…And An Alter Ego

13.  13 Reasons Why Boy Children Are Disgusting

14.  Helen Keller Dogs

15.  1 st World Problems

16.  I Will Forever Be A Boy Mom…Albeit My Last Baby Has Girl Parts

17.  Dear Sparky, On The Eve Of The Birth Of Your Second Son in 21 Months

17.  Dusting Off My Resume…What Am I Going to be When I Grow Up?

18.  Growing Up On Government K Rated Food

19.  My Kids Eat Ramen Noodles ….sometimes, occasionally for lunch  Often For Dinner

20.  The Swedish Fish Diet and Other Tales Of Sorority Life

21.  Christie vs Hillary 2016, Like The 300 of The Modern Era

22.  I Cried At The Season Finale of Breaking Bad and Want To Have Dragon Babies… What to Do When You Are Overly Invested In Cable TV

23.  How To Embarrass Your 8 Year Old Son At The Community Pool

24.  “I Am Enough”…No, Not Really

25.  Darth Vader Feet

26.  Be Brief, Be Bold Be Gone

27.  The Murder Mystery…Ah, Lil’ Grasshopper

28.  The Boys Of Spring

29.  Cultivating Children, The Transformation of a Reformed Tiger Mother

30.  My Love Affair With Lastisse and Other Fun Products

Tune in, tune out, or check back in a month…..’cause this bloggin’ Mama is like buttah….she’s on a roll!!

4 thoughts on “The 30 Day Writing Challenge

  1. Kelly V Long says:

    I’m definitely down with #8. My biggest gift in the past 10 Christmas’s was this year’s VITAMIX. Close second…the “Shark” vacuum.

  2. Kate says:

    Can’t friggin wait. It gets easier the more you write.

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