The Days Are Long, But The Years Are Short

This is a personal post, a letter to a stupendous friend as an exciting new journey awaits her tomorrow, as she has a scheduled birth to welcome her second kid – a second son.  She is perpetually optimistic, a great listener, fun and a Jersey Girl.  Everyone has a friend like Sparky, and if you don’t, you should find one.  Now.

To Sparky on The Eve of Your Boypocalypse:

We have been a constant in each other’s lives- no matter what the geography- pretty much since the day you transferred to Florida State from the University of Kentucky (???) in 1995.  Princess and I observed with piqued interest as you and Your Bangs and sunshine (please note, readers, this was before bangs were en vogue) moved around the corner from us at 534 W. Park Avenue.  The last 19 years have been rich…three of them full of antics too long to mention while at FSU, transitioning to “grown ups” in Atlanta, breakups, late nights at Cosmopolitan, career changes, back braces and such.  A slew of weddings, many frequent flyer miles, and, of course, and you and your hubby are pretty much the only couple who will willingly vacation with my cantakerous husband.  So I am a little glum that you live in my other home state, Florida, and I won’t be at your major life event tomorrow…when you give birth to your 2 nd boy.  I would arrive with a smile, open arms, peepee teepee’s and 2 bottles of our favorite, VEUVE!  (You’re going to need it by the case, incidentally).


For the last 9 months, you’ve been-rightfully-asking my counsel about what will happen tomorrow, after find yourself holding one little boy and chasing the other.  It was not too long ago that I gave birth to baby boy #2 when baby boy #1 was just 21 months old, just as Your Oldest is.  Actually, it was 6 1/2 years ago, but as cliche as it sounds, wasn’t it just yesterday I was only sleeping for 45 minute shifts at a time with a colicky baby attached to me while trying to change my toddler’s diaper?

As of late, I feel like I am always reading Mom blogs or articles on Huffington  Post parents about what demographic of children are the “hardest” to care for.  Hmmm…I’ve had 1 child, 2 babies just 21 months apart, and 3 children.  I think even if I had 5 children, my vote would be that TWO BOYS UNDER 2 would be the most challenging parenting.  Seriously, by the time Your Oldest gets to Kindergarten, you will feel like you should have a PhD, a gold medal, or something of the like.

But here’s the truth-  it’s going to be great, because you’re a great Mom in the way that you’re a great friend.  All of the attributes that come to mind – fun, caring, thoughtful, driven, successful, and that perpetual optimism make you the perfect boy mom, and the perfect friend.   I’m a little bit envious about the chaos you’re about to embrace, but what I really am is happy for you, Shrek, and Your Oldest….because by this time tomorrow, it’s on!

I can’t wait to see what comes next for you….Mazel!

P.S. Besides all that “fun, caring, etc.”  you already have, you will REALLY need a lot of mud, objects to climb and hurl, containment devices, insects and creepy crawlers, catching devices and the like. AND, DEAR SPARKY, GET USED TO GETTING DIRTY.





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One thought on “The Days Are Long, But The Years Are Short

  1. Kristin says:

    This mom of five can only say….those boys under three, dey trouble, man. And I have rock dings all down my brand-new SUV to prove it. Enjoy!

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