The Non-New Year’s Eve Party

I’d like to be telling you I am recovering from last night. Maybe I am lounging in bed, eating some greasy McDonald’s and catching up on Revolution (the premise is intriguing, but the acting is terrible…)?

Alas, I am not. I feel fine and spritely for a New Year’s Day. Perhaps this is because I spent last night looking at paint samples and fabric swatches, while watching a black and white show with my in-laws. (I think I have failed to mention they have moved in for a few weeks. More on that later.) Yep. That is what New Year’s Eve 2012 looked like in our house. The Husband playing Zombie U on the new Wii in the basement and me browsing through Pottery Barn catalogs and talking about swag window treatments with his Mother.

Oh, we went a little crazy and had steak and clams and a nice Brunello for dinner, but gone are the days where New Years Eve ends at daylight and full recovery doesn’t occur until around January 4th. I let my kids drink cranberry ginger ale out of plastic champagne glasses and wear hats with glitter, but we didn’t even watch New Year’s Rocking Eve, or Rockin’ New Year’s Eve.  Whatever the Ryan Seacrest show is called.  I didn’t even make my Resolutions list…

So, while I sit here reminiscing of New Year’s pasts, these calm and tranquil New Year’s Eve’s can’t be beat…right?



(Insert photo of the first New Year’s The Husband and I spent together. Atlanta circa 2001 at my friend, Toot’s, condo party room. Angel Moon “He’s All I Want” blaring in the foggy mist, and the smell of my crisply burnt hair permeating the party. Luckily, Melissa and The Husband saved all but a center chunk of locks…)

8 thoughts on “The Non-New Year’s Eve Party

  1. Josh Farmer says:

    I can totally relate. We did the same thing. What happened to us? Once the children came into the picture, sometimes it seems as if our own childhood leaves us and enters into them.

  2. Jess Urie says:


  3. says:

    I feel fine today to pretty sad….

  4. Name says:

    “Spencer” I are digging your glossy locks. Bring me back in 2013. I went to bed at 10:30 last night after Dance Party #4 with sbb and bmb (I won,)

  5. lboogie says:

    Your hair did look kinda awesome in ’97…

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