The Party Person For Hire

Parties can be super stressful.  Super.

Forget worrying if there is enough battered coconut shrimp skewers for Aunt Lillian (who will stuff them in her purse regardless), WHO IS GOING TO START YOUR PARTY??   Well, folks, time to ease your tension and know the “fun” quotient of your gathering will be through the roof.  (100% money back guarantee.*)

It’s time to pitch The Party Person for hire.  Why not enlist this party starter?  You want, no you NEED, a guarantee someone will inspire your guests to put down their beanie weanies and shake what their Mama gave them.  Who else will (respectfully) start dirty dancing with the Pastor?  Join the marachi band (even though ella no habla espanol?)  Recruit Granny to the dance floor to groove to “Blurred Lines”?  The Party Person, that’s who.

No need to fret about any potential drama.  She’s no Chrissy Teigen.  Although she’s on the dance floor shashaying around like she’s 22, she’s really 37 and looks like she’s in her 2nd trimester and prone to adult acne.  Jiggly bits here and there.  She’s even been likened to Elaine Benes on Ecstasy about to turn.  Besides creepy Uncle Jerry trying to pinch her butt, no worries about any legitimate guests acting innapropriately.


Wedding? Bar/Bat Mitzvah? 40 th Birthday Party?  Divorce Party? You name it, and The Party Person will be the kindle of your soiree.

Inquire within.

*  There is a money back guarantee, however, the cost of any beverages consumed- especially expensive champagne and premium vodka- will not be reimbursed.

2 thoughts on “The Party Person For Hire

  1. Cammie says:

    This made me smile…. Some things have not changed with 3 children. Keep on having fun. I have been known to be the party girl even after 10 years of no wine!!!

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