The PRESCHOOL Car Line/Parking Lot

You didn’t think I was going to stop with The Elementary School Car Line, did you?  I haven’t even warmed up yet …



I am mostly a rule follower, most certainly when it pertains to the children, although this takes a lot of effort on  my part.  I mostly follow school rules at private preschools and public schools alike.  So I must say, to those of you who belligerently break the rules, you really annoy those of us who follow them.  For real.

Preschool Example #1:  This is the lovely preschool my daughter attends.  We’ve been attending this bucolic church preschool, with it’s very own graveyard, since our transfer to the frozen tundra 5 years ago.  The rules aren’t terribly rigid, but there are specific parking lot rules, i.e. DON’T PARK IN THE FRONT SPACES WHERE THE LARGE CONES AND FLORESCENT PLASTIC PEOPLE HOLDING FLAGS ARE.  I am no rocket scientist, I hold a mere bachelor’s degree in an unusable subject, but even I understand not to park in these spaces.

So, once and awhile, when I pull into the parking lot, I cannot understand why there is a vehicle parked in such a space.  The driver of the typically overpriced and oversized luxury vehicle had to not only stop the car to brush aside one of the florescent NO PARKING indicators, but could have legally parked in a spot a mere…15 feet behind the illegal spot.

I usually sit simmering in my own vehicle talking to the voices in my head and warning them to sit tight…I don’t want to be that Mom in the parking lot starting a war…but seriously?

Preschool Example #2:  Twice a week, I venture to another fine preschool where The Middle attends Kindergarten Enrichment.  (What is this you ask?  Kindergarten in our school district is just 1/2 day, which leaves those of us mothers, you can just guess who we are, scrambling most afternoons to find entertainment for our “bored” 6 year olds.  In recent years, a cure to the boredom was invented.  Kindergarten Enrichment class- including music, art and cooking- was born.  Twice a week. Let me put it this way, my kid was on the waiting list 8 months before the school year commenced.)

To my luck (planned, but whatever), two of The Middle’s friends also attend Enrichment, so we effectively use a carpool system.  Every Tuesday and Thursday, I park in the parking lot- AS ARE THE RULES AND AS I AM INSTRUCTED-and muddle my way through said lot, navigating through groups of bustling mothers with small children running amok and SUV’s and minivan’s weaving all about- with * FOUR * children.  Now, these are not children who regularly listen and obey my authority.  Only 1 of them follows instruction and holds my hand.  The other 3 (2 of which are my own) do not heed my word, rather jump into snow piles, scream words like “diahrrea head” and sprint into the building knocking other children down like bowling pins.  We are quite a sight.

So, when I see a vehicle pulled up to the front of the entrance…WHERE YOU ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO PULL UP TO WHEN IT IS NOT THE CAR LINE and a Mom puts her car in park and bops out WITH NO OTHER CHILDREN IN TOW, I feel …angry.  Yes, angry. I FEEL ANGRY THAT YOU ARE NOT FOLLOWING THE RULES. I FEEL ANGRY THAT YOU HAVE NO OTHER CHILDREN WITH YOU.  I…FEEL…ANGRY.

 I implore you, are you one of these parents who commits such atrocity in the Preschool parking lot or Car Line?  If so, I repeat, to those of you who belligerently break the rules, you really annoy those of us who follow them. For real.


One thought on “The PRESCHOOL Car Line/Parking Lot

  1. Leah says:

    It IS hard to herd a gaggle of children through what can only be the most magical and adventurous obstacle course of dirty snow piles and salty bottomed cars. Remind me to stop at 2 – I’m much better at man-to-man than zone…I guess it just takes practice.

    When I come into a lot of money, I will quit my job (let’s be real, I’d go part-time volunteer, can’t leave cold turkey) and ride into car-line battle with you! Although I still wouldn’t help them with Valentine’s cards. I 100% support your 1% participation of buying supplies (the child with the fish Valentines must be advanced. Or savvy enough to pick out the most healthy?, Pinterest inspiration).

    Also, did anyone else picture the sisters (namely Sarah Jessica Parker) from “Hocus Pocus” singing “amok, amok, amok”?

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