The Walking Divorce (10:12 pm)

Time on the Swatch Watch reads 9:57 pm, and I wait with baited breath. Sunday night is my favorite night,as it is Walking Dead night. We all have our favorite shows, right? For some of us, it’s a show that you think about when you are on a conference call and the Head of Compliance is discussing letterhead.  For others, it’s what we daydream about when we are at the park listenening to Mommies debate if Caillou is too whiny.

My favorite show just happens to be about the post apocalyptic world with flesh eating Zombies. It’s gross, gory and terrifying. But wait, the show starts at 9 pm, you say? You ask why I am furiously typing on my computer and not tuned in? Tonight happens to be Old Man Soccer League playoffs. So, out of more-than-generous consideration to my spouse on my part, I will wait for him to limp home. He will be bloodied and bruised, after battling other middle aged men, yellow cards flying around like confetti and saying curse words while beating their grey hairy chests in victory and defeat. I will wait, but I am not happy about it.

It should be no surprised to readers that I get a little too heavily invested in my TV shows.  It all began with The Sopranos 11 years ago when Gregg and I started dating. He had recently undergone ACL replacement surgery, and needed a “caretaker”. He chose the new girlfriend (me) over his Mother. (Another blog for another day. Let’s just say the gods were looking out for me that day by not having any sharp instruments within her reach.) I packed up my zippy red beetle bug, set up a nest for my Chihuahua, Meester Fernandez, in the front seat, grabbed my laptop and headed down 76 S to 319 to Tallahassee to help the patient rehabilitate. As he was recovering on his couch for a week, he decided season 1 of the Soprano’s was a good entertainment choice.  So,  I whipped up some stuffed shells and marinara, and we got to know Carm, Tone, Uncle Jun. I think we watched 2 seasons that week… and we had an array of new colorful curse words in our vernacular.

The Soprano’s was the first of many series that have come and gone in our decade + together…Spartacus, Big Love, Californication, 24, True Blood, Shameless, The Borgia’s, Game of Thrones…but none of these shows is causing trouble like The Walking Dead. My obsession is starting to wear on my husband’s nerves…he caught me eyeing the “Survivor Series” food and gear at Costco the other day. He found my dog-eared copy of World War Z in the toy bin (I’ve been using it as a reference)…and every Sunday night, I wake up for the day around 3 am…he sees my million posts to my friends (mostly husbands of friends) on Facebook throughout the week when I should be caring for children or something like that.

So I patiently wait tonight…but have a feeling I am on my own in 2013 on this series…

2 thoughts on “The Walking Divorce (10:12 pm)

  1. Dena says:

    I don’t watch the show but your description of Gregg’s soccer game made me laugh . . . a lot.

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