US Air Flight 3147 PHL to JAX

For all you Yanomami tribes people in the Amazon, if you hadn’t heard, the second Perfect Storm (the first one was made into A Clooney Movie in ‘91) is upon us here in Pennsylvania. Target is down to a few paltry jars of beanie weenies, WaWa only has 1 gas pump still a pumpin’, and my friend Liz reports from Baltimore that her wine store had a line looped down and around the block. Preschool is closed until further notice, all schools in the West Chester Area are shuttered until Wednesday, and even Makin’ Music has locked its doors. More importantly – the bleeping YMCA is closed. Mayor Nutter has announced that Philly is in a State of Emergency (which my mother says is because of Andy Reid still being the Eagles coach). Tick-Tock, Frankenstorm will soon be here….and as of 5pm today, my *($#$& husband hadn’t cancelled his work trip set to depart to Florida tomorrow at 7 am. Seriously.

This all began Thursday evening, when he rushed home early from work and exclaimed, “The worst storm in the history of mankind is headed our way.” I, of course, had no idea what he was talking about. I was in the midst of breaking up a “Samurai-Medusa kills Batman” game. If any TV is on during the day, it is Play With Me Sesame. “We have make sure all the laundry is done!” I looked at him with a blank stare that he has become accustomed to in the last few years. And then, for those of you who know him, he went into “sergeant mode” – this is a metaphor to Dr. David Banner turning into the Hulk- stomping his feet and flinging dirty laundry about in a rage. Really? I am fairly certain we have enough clothing to last us each a month. So, on the Eve of the Destruction of the Northeast (I can’t help but wonder if this is the gods retribution for the production of Jersey Shore), our daughter will at least have Downey fresh dresses.

Clean laundry was only the beginning. I was then given my assignments…

  • Fill the gas tank
  • Purchase 2 handles of Captain Morgan
  • Buy all the canned Beefaroni (we will need protein to sustain ourselves), peach halves, and chicken noodle soup you can find
  • Diapers (Excellent call, actually)

Gregg then obtained (4) 5-gallon gas cans and filled them, helping to dwindle the Rt. 202/Dilworthown WaWa supply. The generator has been “test fired”. A space heater was purchased. He secured the perimeter of our property, making sure all my decorative flowerpots were hauled to the garage. The cars are prepositioned to be able to drive through the garage doors if need be. There are enough Yankee candles to start a fundraiser, Amazon has shipped every type of battery known to mankind to our doorstep…

So after a weekend of preparation- only put on halt for the crucial 7 year olds and 5 year olds soccer games- as of 5 pm today, we are ready for the worst…and Gregg has still not cancelled his business trip.

8 thoughts on “US Air Flight 3147 PHL to JAX

  1. Hyphenista says:

    @TRX- I was contemplating…we could have had a Game of Thrones Season 2 marathon with Lannister family trees and all

  2. Spark and Shrek says:

    Jamie says, “stand down, soldier…work can wait!”
    I do agree, but you should know Jamie spent much of the day surfing. This was the first day he was able to get out because the waves were too big and breaking too fast for anyone to surf unless they were towed with a jet ski. So…we know this storm is no joke!
    Jamie was dying reading this!
    And I am thinking about you guys and hoping that you all weather this well!

  3. More Sara says:

    Good stuff, G!

  4. Name says:

    Do you know how to turn on the unknwn apparatus in your garage? Secondly, can you change a diaper and prepare beefaroni? I think you all will make it as long as Gregg doesn’t take the Captains with him. I know you are good at driving through the garage door, good thing he backed it in for you.

    • Hyphenista says:

      @Anonymous- My cooking skills have never been under fire, so the prep of the Beefaroni will be a breeze. But, I will admit, I have no idea how to fire up the generator. That’s what google is for.

  5. TRX says:

    Why don’t you and the kids hop on his flight and come visit us in Jax? We can watch our stories together.

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