We Go Live @ 5!

In an effort to rebel against the local souless homes framed in mundane white lights , with doors adorned with handmade evergreen wreaths weaved with burlap ribbon freshly cut from sacks gathered the local organic farm…BEHOLD… we give you….


Click on the video below to get a sliver of what is in store.  It all began with the chili pepper lights, purchased on fine Saturday in 2001 at the Walmart on North Thomasville Road in our second hometown of Tallahassee, Florida.


Through the years, we have evolved.  During our last Christmas in Tallahassee, a photo of our home even made it into the Tallahassee Democrat.  Inflatables have come and gone – we tearfly bid adieu to at least one a year –  and now the collection is brimming at 19.  With the exception of the chili peppers, all C9’s and regular string lights  have gone the way of the DoDo to give birth to the new era of THE LED LIGHTS!

You may think a Colonial Christmas motif may be lovely (booooring with a Capital B), but it’s really not as fun as having a blown up leg lamp on your front yard and seizure inducing snowflakes blinking in the windows of your guest room.

So, while Santa will be filling our children’s stockings with bananas and coupons in order to pay for December’s electricity bill, at least we have the multi- colored twigs trees to admire all month!

Finally, no, of course we do not have a Homeowner’s Assocation and a big, sheepish thanks to the neighbor’s for not calling the EPA.

Stay tuned for open house times for “Hot Chocolate Night”…


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