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I was recently catching up on the award winning HBO series, Girls. I am always struck by waves of nostalgia watching this show. It reminds me of some of the most tumultuous-yet favorite- years I’ve lived. It was in Atlanta, Georgia immediately post college with the FSU crowd. I was particularly amused when the lead character, Hanna, went to interview to be a freelance writer for a blog. The editor suggested she “think outside the box- that is where the magic happens!” I remember thinking the editor was reading from “1001 Management Sayings for Dummies”…..

As a person who lives her life perpetually out her comfort zone (I am married…I am married to a Republican…I have 3 children)- it turns out I couldn’t agree more with the editor. My friend Jamie (www.jamierich.me) and I often discuss the merits of wandering outside of the box and the rewards it provideth. I’m also enthralled by stories of people who jump outside of that comfortable box to try new things….especially when its someone I know.  So, when I heard about my friend Andrea’s new venture, I couldn’t have been more excited!

In just two weeks Andrea is “putting herself out there”. Perhaps second to only to me or Elaine Bennes, Andrea is a bad dancer. Crazy bad. And that’s being polite. In all fairness, I shouldn’t judge too harshly seeing she was mostly showcasing her talents at the ATO Echo or Leopard Lounge-and on the transportation bus at the aforementioned friends’ wedding- but all in all, Andrea’s talents do not include dancing. Or should I say didn’t…



A few months ago, when someone suggested she take part her Temple’s biggest fundraiser, Dancing with the Sinai Stars, she laughed. I laughed. EVERYONE LAUGHED. Andrea- ballroom dancing? For real? In front of hundreds of people? But, to her credit, after much cajoling and the inspiring words of “get out of your comfort zone”, she reluctantly signed on.

It’s been months of grueling practice, being tortured and tormented by her professional ballroom dancing Coach, but she is ready. In just 2 weeks she takes center stage, check out https://vimeo.com/60509767 and you may find yourself wanting to vote – do it – vote early and vote often https://templesinai.wufoo.com/forms/andrea-amar-dancing-prevote. And then do something else – get outside of your comfortable box and see where the magic happens……


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