Woes of The Pathetic Valentine Mommy

There’s nothing like a fabricated holiday, such as Valentine’s Day, to make those slacker Mom’s (ummmm) feel even less Pinterest-worthy and just down right lazy.

Case in point….I present…a valentine that was in my 2 year old’s “valentine mailbox” from preschool.

securedownloadOh, dear.

Love it! Sooo cute!  But, that looks like A LOT of work.

This must have required mulitple assembly line purchasing/crafting.

1.  Someone had to go to a store a buy all this, alternatively maybe a 1-2-3 Amazon Prime click….but still.

2.  Computer use and multiple font design and implementation was required.

3.  Tools and devices were activated!  I haven’t seen a GLUE GUN since Rush circa 1999.

4.  Ribbon, cut out glitter flowers, cut out circles!  Scissors…scissors???

I will spare myself the embarassment of what my offsprings’ valentine’s looked like…but you can only guess…

The Eldest- He’s practically an adult at age 8, so I bought him a kit from Target and a bag of candy and let him do some independant crafting and taping. Not entirely lame, there was AT LEAST 1% Mommy participation.

The Middle–  Pre-assembled Star Wars valentines were purchased.  Again, at age 6, he’s almost legal. I gave him scissors, a glue stick, and his class list and told him to “have fun!”.

Nosy Meap-   Again, 2 is never too young to start cutting the apron strings.  I bought Hello Kitty pre-assembled valentines and gave her a pink crayon to “write her name”.

Seriously. You wish I was your Mom.


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