Would my Name be Gina Primavera?


In continuation of my last few blog entries…you may ascertain that I have become quite a dull Gina: Stereotypical and average M-O-M.  All I vowed not to evolve into!  Married to a Republican, driving an old dented minivan with the obligatory Philadelphia Zoo license plate…living non-vagazzled in my suburban hometown, I LITERALLY have 2.5 kids.  I scream boring.

About once a year, I am reminded of just how lame I have become, during the annual Florida State/Tri Delta girls trip.  This year was particularly sobering- in every sense of the word. I was 8 weeks pregnant, continually nauseous, unable to consume any drinks poolside or throughout the day with the rest of the crew…but not until the iPod started to blast Nine Inch Nails, did the reality of my Raffi listening, YMCA class taking, rural living existence hit me…and the “firefly”, “ballerina,” “Tinkerbell”, “Peter Pan”, and a thing called “the snake” came alive.

What are these things?  No, not interpretive dance to Disney movies, but stripper moves.  Yep, bona fide, professionally trained stripping. The cool Mommy choice method of exercise.

It turns out if you are me, but live in the L.A., instead of spending Tuesday mornings at body pump class (and hoping the old lady with the long grey armpit hair shows up to pump it up right in my visual path), you can just head over to the S-Factor.  Not only can one get a spectacular body with sinewy muscles, but can refine her frisk, hump and hip circles.  I will refer to said friend as “Savannah”, as that was deemed her stage name during the girls trip. Turns out Savannah, former Elementary school teacher, Mommy of 2, present Sunday School teacher and homeroom mother has a portable pole in her living room.   When she talks about finding her “oval office”, it’s not that she’s lost on Pennsylvania Avenue.

I had begun to chalk this up to the Florida State crowd.  After all, Playboy did come to our sorority house my freshman year when FSU was declared #1 party school in the nation (no, of course none of our respectable, refined Tri Delta’s were part of any layouts).  But the reality of the situation is that I have always tended to flock to the wild ones.  Makes me feel a little more exciting…interestingly enough I received an email this week from a new group of girls I met upon moving to the Dub-C last year…asking who wanted to go to “Philly’s Premier Pole Dancing Spot”…wonder if a 5 month pregnant lady can pull it off…(don’t hold your breath).

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