I wish I would have thought of this solution before Pennsylvania Governor, Tom Corbett did.  Not that I could necessarily profit from it, but it’s a solid idea.  It will go in my file folder of “Ideas That I Am Sure I Thought of 1st, But I Didn’t Get To In Time.”  I.E. Spanx, Cakepops, Survey Monkey…

On Thursday March 21st, the Pennsylvania House of Representatives passed a bill, generated by Governor Corbett, that would privatize the sale of wine and liquor in Pennsylvania … for first time since Prohibition.  Yes, the government has be regulating the sale of alcohol in Pennsylvania since 1933.  I know, it’s pretty unbelievable.


It is fairly incredulous that you can light up a fatty (yes, even for non-medicinal purposes) as you walk down the streets of Aspen, but you can’t buy a Captain Morgan at the same place of business that you purchase your Cheetos and Diet Coke in West Chester.

Even weirder? You can’t buy your beer where you buy your wine in the Keystone State.  You can, however, purchase a minute amount of beer at certain local grocery stores.   You can’t, however, purchase wine at any grocery store.  To sum it up, if you are planning on throwing a festivity that will be serving alcohol, take a 1/2 day off work.   You will have to travel to at least 3 different stores for your beverage supplies alone.

I remember my fellow Florida State brethren, upon our arrival into Atlanta post college, feeling such doom that no Pinot Grigio could be purchased at Publix on any given Sunday.  How inconvenient.  I, on the other hand, was used to such blue laws.  I recalled some of fond memories of childhood.  My mother stealthily driving in our wood panelled Jeep (woodland green velour seats)  across the state lines to ….DELAWARE…on a Saturday morning to stockpile cheaper spirits without paying taxes on them.  Naughty, naughty,  I know, but this pilgrimage from PA to DE occurs often and by the masses. I wonder how much in sales PA has lost over the years to Delaware?

This is an excellent opportunity for my Democratic and Republican friends alike to unite.  This bill still has to pass in the Senate and it needs your support.  You see, Governor Corbett’s bill has a benefit.  Besides having the convenience of a Total Wines in our backyard,  he states that proceeds of the sale of the liquor stores to private owners (which.will.generate.a.lot.of.money) will go towards public education!

I find this delightful.  As the Granddaughter, Daughter, Sister, Cousin and Friend of public educators, and the Mother of public educatees…nothing sounds better.  I am already brainstorming great slogans for the t-shirts I will make when I march upon Harrisburg to make sure my voice is heard.

So far, my friend Justin’s is in 1st Place.  “I’m not just drinking. I’m helping kids learn.”

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    Your friend Justin sounds pretty hot.

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